Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Finding Purpose In Pain. 8/2/2017

"God promises us pain."

Words I keep trying to repeat over and over again. 

This week my heart has been so heavy with the news of two brain cancer fighters, both who lost their battle way too early. 

I was reconnected with one of these fighters just this year, in January to be exact, with a message that said, "I want to let you know that reading your blogs have really been helping a lot. Especially my parents."

Our conversations were fairly constant over these last months, reaching out to ask how treatments were going, letting her know our family was praying so very hard, and just being there to provide some sort of hope for her. 

And as much as I tried to constantly lift her spirits and provide her hope, it was really the complete opposite, as each and every conversation left me being reminded that God truly gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. Each conversation reminded me that faith can truly be bigger than any fear. 

Her words spoke volumes of her attitude, strength and faith, as here are just a few words from our conversations over the last few months:

"I have been blessed with amazing doctors, my family and friends have been so amazing through everything."

"Things are going well other than that. Trying to stay healthy and find joy in the little things...It's great to hear that your dad is doing SO well!..."

"We are all gonna beat it together! And your family has, and will continue, to be in our prayers as well!"

Each time, each conversation had me thinking- wow, I hope a little bit of her strength, her faith, and her will to fight rubs off on me so I can help Dad through his battle.  

You know, so many people go through this world- living day by day, not truly understanding how important each and every moment really is, never really making a great impact on this world. And yet, here was this young lady, making such a HUGE impact in her short time here. Impacting others through her fight.

Matt Chandler, a pastor in Dallas and a brain cancer survivor, has said "Suffering. Difficulty. It should surprise no one." And while this is true, I just wish it didn't hurt so bad. 

Asking for a few extra prayers as two families battle through the suffering after the fight is over- the suffering of losing their loved one to this terrible disease. We continue to hope and pray for a cure so no family has to experience the pain of losing someone to cancer. 

I'll be hugging Dad a little bit tighter, and I'll make sure I soak up those precious moments with him a little bit more- I'm once again reminded that life is all too short. 

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